Often we have men looking for advice on growth and stamina to better their sex, whether for bettering their relationship or personal confidence. Here we offer our best-selling penis pump that helps all men overcome this void. Our Worx Euro Pump, which is a manual air penis pump that helps pump a penis to an erected state or to help maintain an erection. In other words for men who struggle to “get up or E.D” this pump can help you gradually go from flaccid to erected. Also if you are a gentleman that can go a long time without ejaculating but can become soft again, this pump helps one stay hard. Right as one feels themselves becoming soft again, they can re-pump to become hard again.

Here is how the pump works...

A standard penis pump consists of five parts:

 1.) A cock ring that goes on the base of the penis before placing on the cylinder.

2.) A cylinder sleeve that connects to the opening of the cylinder for cushion and successful suction where the penis is inserted.

3.) The cylinder it’s self where the penis rests in.

4.) The air hose that connects to the manual bulb pump.

5.) Lastly the hand held manual bulb pump used to pump and control the suction within the device.

The penis pump is a cylinder with two open ends, one end is to be connected to the hose of the pump and the other is where one would insert their penis. Before using the pump we advise lubricating the entire penis and inside the cylinder sleeve. Next place the cock ring at the base of the penis first then you may insert the penis into the cylinder. When the member is securely inserted into the cylinder, with the cylinder reaching the base of the penis by the cock ring; they may begin to pump the device. Each squeeze of the pump will feel as if the penis is being vacuumed. What ultimately happens is the suction of the device gradually draws a consistent blood flow into the penis, which is what creates the “hard” or “erected” state of the penis. Once you have achieved an appropriate level of arousal, you may engage in physical activity. If this activity leads into a long session of satisfaction and one begins to become soft again, reinsert the penis into the pump and gradually begin pumping again to your preferred level of arousal. Reinsertion helps maintain and prolong erections; whether in need of “staying up” or preforming for multiple rounds of satisfaction.