A picture is worth a thousand words.  But a thousand words can also enhance the pictures.  Stormy Daniels’ spread in Hustler Magazine this month comes in the midst of a media storm.  So we wanted to provide some backstory on this AMAZING woman and her accomplishments...




There is a famous saying: Politics makes strange bedfellows.  In the saga of Stormy Daniels, it would seem strange bedfellows makes politics.  


If history provides any clue, the name “Stormy Daniels” will be forever linked to the Donald Trump Presidency. Comparisons are being made between her and a certain intern whose scandal over 20 years ago is easily remembered with the words “intern,” “cigar,” and “dress.”  


However, Miss Daniels was no intern.  Unlike Monica Lewinsky, Stormy Daniels had already attained a successful and storied career.  It would be dismissive to blindly focus on this one small segment (indiscretion? horrendous mistake?) of her life.  


Many are only familiar with Stormy Daniels due to her affair with a small-handed reality star. So let's explore Stormy's life achievements to date:


Stormy has won major industry awards

In fact, she won the Adult Video News (AVN) Best New Starlet trophy in 2004 in her debut. She has since garnered 32 nominations, taking home 10 trophies in three different adult institutions.  It might surprise many to learn those weren’t all for acting. She has won for writing and directing because…


Stormy Daniels is a multi-faceted talent!

Her truly prolific career was rewarded in 2014 when Stormy was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.  Not only has she appeared onscreen in 275 adult films, but she has also has directed nearly 100 productions.  


Stormy Daniels has been in major Hollywood blockbuster films

A favorite of Judd Apatow, Stormy has appeared in 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up.  Adult film stars rarely crossover into mainstream films. However,  Stormy’s intelligence and professionalism was not lost on comedy mogul Apatow.  He cast her because he said she was nice, super smart, and great to work with.


Stormy Daniels (almost) ran for the U.S. Senate.

In 2009, a website launched by an eager group of political science students to battle incumbent David Vitter.  Vitter was caught in his own scandal when his phone number was linked to a prostitution ring.  With the support of fans and admirers, Stormy explored the idea of  a campaign run. 


Though, ultimately, she didn’t file, she exposed constituents to her brand of openness and honesty.  Proudly exclaiming she had nothing to hide, she planned to run her campaign with the slogan “Screwing People Honestly.”  


And unlike Miss Lewinsky, Stormy Daniels is more than thrilled to capitalize on this new fame.  In the midst of the media storm:


Stormy wants to spice up your sexy time!

She’s launching a lingerie brand with Helen Hoey of Pulchra Intimates. With outposts in Pittsburgh and Beverly Hills, these lush designs will set you back over $100 per item. The New York Post describes her label as having "a vintage influence, but is sophisticated with a slight edge to kind of modernize it."  With sizes ranging from 0 to 14, these night-time items are geared towards women of all professions and age. And Stormy, a smart working lady, is using her platform to promote the brand during her national tour.


Make America Horny Again!

Since making headlines, Stormy has been using this new fame to add to her bank account. She has taken her act on the road. Dubbed the ‘Making America Horny Again' Tour, she's booked appearances at strip clubs through mid-November. The Toronto Sun reported that at a February event Daniels stripped to 80's dance music wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume.


Stormy is a smart, savvy businesswoman, and is making the most out of her newfound mainstream fame.