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Clone-A-Willy Kit

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New!! make a perfect copy of your own erect penis! designed by a physician, the clone-a-willy is a complete kit that perfectly copies a man's own penis in super realistic rubber. Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions and includes everything necessary to produce an exact rubber copy of your own unique manhood! just mix with water, insert your penis, and easily pull away to create a state-of-the-art dildo right from your own home. And it lasts forever! keep that special someone nearby, even when he's far away. Even better, the kit includes a vibration kit for added stimulation. Don't wait- clone your own!kit contains: specially timed molding powder, amazing liquid rubber, patented liquid skin, stir stick, vibrating unit, molding tube and easy to follow directions.(completely safe and non-allergenic, contains no latex)

How to mold your own?


Step 1

Read and follow directions carefully when making your mold. Our molding powder consists of a high grade alginate derived from seaweed. It's completely body safe, gentle on the skin, and easy to clean up!


Step 2

Insert erection and follow exact timing in directions. Adjust tube gently from side-to-side if needed to make sure the erection is not touching the sides of the tube. Alginate will cure into a spongy, flexible mold, so your willy can be easily removed.


Step 3

Our silicone is a medical-grade platinum silicone, free from contaminants, phthalates, or toxins of any kind and is completely safe to use. Follow our guide for mixing and pouring silicone into the mold. Pour slowly to minimize air bubbles in the finished copy.


Step 4

24 hours later carefully pull hardened replica from tube. Each tiny ridge and vein should be perfectly reproduced and your replica will look and feel just like the real thing! Although it can be used with any lube, we suggest using a water-based lube.

Watch the how to video

Sizing Guide

Your CAW comes in an 11 x 2½ inch clear plastic tube in which you will insert your penis. This means that unless you have a 12 inch penis that’s more than 2½ inches in diameter, you probably don't need extra anything! So save yourself the money!

Using the two illustrated guides below (Figures 1 & 2) you should be able to figure out whether you will need any extra silicone and/or an extra large vibrator.

Penis Molding Kit Sizing Accomodation

Figure 1: The Tube

All standard kits include a 5¼ inch vibrator. This is our standard vibrator and it should work for just about any size penis.

If you don't want to use the vibrator, you may need more silicone! (See Fig. 2 below) Why? When inserted into the tube, the vibrator displaces the silicone. We took this extra volume into consideration when deciding how much silicone to include with our original kits.

Penis Molding Kit Size Chart

Figure 2: The Vibrator

All standard kits include 8oz of our 2-part 100% platinum cure silicone. The colored silicone is added to the clear base to make the mixture that goes into your mold. See Figure 2 above to determine whether you will need extra silicone

All standard kits include 1 bag of molding powder. This is enough powder to make 1 mold of your penis (as shown in Fig. 2). Trying to determine whether you will need extra powder before you’ve tried making your first mold is somewhat difficult.

One of the most common difficulties some men face is staying hard for the 60 seconds required to keep your penis erect while submersed in the molding mixture. This is where having a partner to keep you turned on during the process can be a big help. It can also be helpful to use a cock ring! If you DO botch that first mold (partner or no partner), or you’re not entirely satisfied with the results, you can try it as many times as you like—you don’t need to buy another kit—we sell individual bags of powder! You can purchase one bag

What if I'm Curved?

cut the tube at the arc of your curve

After you cut the tube to the correct length, cut it into 2 pieces at a slight angle at the middle of your curve.


Rotate the two pieces around until an appropriate angle is formed.


Using duct tape, tape the two pieces together.


Now you're ready to get started!

Customer questions

Q. How big of a penis can be made with the kit?

The kit is designed to make a perfect copy of any penis. This exact kit has been used by numerous adult film stars. Straight or crooked, long or short, thick or thin, the kit will perfectly copy anyone.

Q. What if my penis is pierced?

Again, no problem. We do recommend removing your piercing before making the mold.

Q. What if my penis is not circumcised?

No problem. You'll still get a perfect copy of yourself. Whatever you put into the molding gel is exactly what you'll get out!

Q. How much detail can I expect from my replica?

Your replica will be INCREDIBLY DETAILED! All tiny lines and bumps will reproduce perfectly.

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