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Eggs & Masturbation Aids for Men

06 Mar 2024

Upon first glance, a male masturbator egg might just look like your classic kitchen ingredient. However, it’s actually a compact and discreet way to improve handjobs, male self-pleasure, and more. Strokers are a popular choice as well, and there are dozens of options beyond the well-known Fleshlight.

Although there is still some stigma surrounding sex toys for men, they’re gaining more mainstream traction as viable alternatives to using your hand. It’s time to shed the shame and embrace your sexuality, taking your pleasure to new heights via exploration.

Just like the variety of devices that exist for vulva owners, there are all kinds of male masturbators on the market. These products are a way to spice up foreplay and intercourse or put the spark back in your relationship, but they can be overwhelming to navigate if you’re a beginner. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to using these toys and figuring out what works best for you.

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Understanding male masturbation aids

Sex toys aren’t meant to replace sex or masturbation. They’re designed to enhance both of those acts and heighten sensation in ways that weren’t previously possible. They can simulate the feeling of a hand, mouth, or genitals and are a means of exploring what you like.

halftone lips

There’s an unfortunate stereotype that guys who like Fleshlights and other toys are lonely perverts, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, there’s nothing sexier than a man who practices self-care and self-exploration. These toys can be used for solo play, partnered play, and to revive a stagnant relationship or dry spell.

They can be used as aids to reduce premature ejaculation or performance anxiety surrounding sex, but most importantly, they just feel good. The most popular products on the market are masturbation eggs, strokers, sleeves, and male vibrators. They all offer different benefits and sensations. These are two of the most popular choices:

  • Masturbation Eggs: These eggs are some of the most popular solo male masturbators as they’re extremely discreet, compact, and disposable.
  • Stroker: Masturbation sleeves and strokers envelop the penis and imitate different kinds of sex like handjobs, blowjobs, and penetration. Some even vibrate and are known as “guybrators.”

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Eggs and Masturbation Aids for Men

Exploring masturbation eggs

Masturbation eggs are essentially just miniature masturbation sleeves and can contain a variety of textured patterns and ridges to get you off. In terms of how to use masturbator egg devices, the user just lubes up (some of them are pre-lubricated, so be sure to check first) and slide them over the penis to simulate the feeling of a handjob or blowjob. Stretch them from the base only to prevent breakage.

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Many of these “eggs” feature differently-textured canals that offer a variety of sensations. For those who feel uncomfortable using a full-size stroker or something resembling a human orifice, this is the ultimate newbie-friendly pick to experiment with that won’t confuse you.

Many of these “eggs” feature differently-textured canals that offer a variety of sensations. For those who feel uncomfortable using a full-size stroker or something resembling a human orifice, this is the ultimate newbie-friendly pick to experiment with that won’t confuse you. Many even come with an included sachet of lube, and others don’t require lube as it’s already built-in.

These eggs can be bought individually or in a multi-pack. The super stretchy elastomer reduces friction and increases sensation, making playing with yourself (or a partner) less exhausting. It’s smaller than most strokers on the market, so it might be easier to integrate into your play, and some people agree that simpler is better when it comes to masturbation aids. If you want to experiment with textures, get a non-intimidating gift, or travel with your toy, this is one of the best male masturbators.

Autoblow AI+

Satisfyer Masturbator Egg 3 Pack

The ultimate trio of textures designed to scramble your senses, each egg in this pack offers an inner dimension of bliss for your eager appendage to explore. No lubricant required!

While some people find that certain strokers are limited to different anatomy sizes, this is one of the most customizable options that provides a snug fit without overly restricting. Unstretched, it only measures out to a few inches but can expand to much larger for a variety of lengths and girths.

There are several pros to incorporating eggs into your male pleasure routine. One benefit of masturbation eggs over strokers is that storage space is minimal and it’s disposable, allowing you to experiment at a more budget-friendly price point while removing the need for cleanup. The egg isn't opaque like Fleshlights and other strokers/sleeves, letting you enjoy the visual aspect of a handjob or masturbation. It’s also ideal for travel due to its small and discreet nature and the included lubricant. 

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Eggs and Masturbation aids for men

Exploring strokers

Autoblow AI+

Autoblow AI+

The only thing better than a blowjob is a hands-free blowjob, amirite? With an upgraded motor & 3 beaded sleeves that surround your member, this stroker delivers rhythmic squeezes, tugs & strokes.

A stroker is a toy designed to stimulate the penis and/or testicles during partnered or solo play. There are manual and automatic strokers as well as sleeves with Bluetooth connectivity, AI abilities, or included free monthly memberships to an adult site like this Brazzers Ultimate Stroker Cup. It’s recommended to use sleeves and strokers with a liberal amount of lubricant to increase sensation while reducing friction.

Shower Therapy Soothing Scrub

Brazzers Ultimate Stroker Cup w/ Free Membership

Get the ultimate stroking experience of a super-soft, textured silicone sleeve encased in a hard cup that gives you total suction control. And the best part? This stroker comes with a free month of Brazzers to inspire your me-time.

Unlike the masturbation egg, strokers and sleeves are not designed for one-time use, and so, while it may be more expensive, a stroker offers a great return on investment. Sold in a variety of sizes and shapes, they sometimes resemble real-life body parts and even imitate specific porn stars, while other times, they have a more discreet or elegant appearance that doesn’t resemble a human. There are even sleeves that don’t look like sleeves, such as this discreet male masturbator that looks like a bottle of shower scrub when the lid is on and features a suction cup for hands-free pleasure.

Shower Therapy Soothing Scrub

Shower Therapy Soothing Scrub

Take your routine to the next level with Shower Therapy, the shampoo bottle that was secretly designed for a different purpose: pleasure. Discreetly camouflaged as an ordinary shampoo bottle, Shower Therapy lets you indulge daily on the DL.

Strokers are often made with silicone, TPE or some other rubber, stretchy material to imitate an orifice and fit a range of penis sizes. Each of these materials has different benefits. While silicone is easier to clean and care for, TPE is said to be the most realistic but is a little more high-maintenance and prone to damage.

Inside these sleeves are often patterns with ridges, nodes, and a soft-yet-firm feel that grips your member but doesn’t restrict it uncomfortably. The sleeves which imitate body parts have internal canals that are meant to feel like body parts, whether it’s a vagina, anus, or mouth.

PDX Fap-O-Matic Pro

PDX Fap-O-Matic Pro

Take masturbation to new heights. This futuristic pleasure device features next-level suction technology and vibration patterns strong enough to make your future self blush.

With any stroker or sleeve, it’s essential to use a liberal amount of lube. The how-to aspect will differ based on type. Automatic strokers might require more of a hands-off method, while manual ones will require you to glide it up and down the penis yourself. When cleaning the sleeve, remove it from the hard inner case, turn it inside out, wash it thoroughly, and let it air dry on a stand or microfiber towel.

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Using strokers can increase the time of an erection during sex or masturbation, offer variety or novelty, and allow you to experiment with different textures. It can also reduce stiff muscles and hand pain from using only your hand.


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Ultimately, a stroker is best if you’re looking for a reusable or realistic option you don’t mind cleaning and maintaining over the years. If you want a more compact, one-and-done design with everything you need in one package (lubricant included), masturbation eggs are a fantastic choice and can enhance a handjob tenfold. They might not be anatomically correct, but they certainly get the job done, and they have a beautiful simplicity (and versatility).

With both, you don’t need to worry about reapplying lube as you would with a handjob from yourself or a partner. Either way, there’s no shame in stocking up and trying out different choices until you find the one that makes you shudder in ecstasy. Male sex toys are an important aspect of self-care, and there’s nothing healthy about repressing your needs. Orgasming regularly can have mental health and physical health benefits, including reducing stress and preventing prostate cancer. Plus, your hands and wrists will thank you!

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