Flavored Lubes

Enjoy a Delicious Variety of Flavored Lubes 

Lickable, kissable, and utterly indulgent, our collection of edible lubricants transforms your sexual explorations into a feast for the senses. Enjoy a zesty world of flavors, from the sweet burst of summer cherries to playful cotton candy, with these tongue-tasty delights that enhance your pleasure with sweetness. 

Why settle for plain, old lube when you can have the extraordinary? With these fun options, every touch can become a tantalizing treat for you and your partner, transforming ordinary encounters into mouth-watering escapades. Spice up your love life today! 

Edible Lubricants That Bring Flavor to Your Sex Life 

Your oral explorations are about to get a whole lot more interesting with our delicious collection of flavored lubes! But it's not just about the taste—these sex lubes also provide superior glide and comfort. They're compatible with all your favorite toys. Our water-based lubes are also safe for use with condoms, so you can enjoy them in every scenario. 

Open up a world of playful possibilities, whether you're with your partner or flying solo. For an added sensory thrill, try drizzling some warming flavored lube on your partner’s member or your dildo before going to town. You’re welcome! 

Spice up Your Love Life with Amazing Intimates

Amazing Intimates is dedicated to ensuring your playtime is both delightful and safe. Our flavored lubes are made with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients, ensuring they're not just delicious but also completely body-safe. 

We also extend this commitment to all our products, including our wide range of sex toys and personal care items. We partner exclusively with top brands that adhere to the highest safety and satisfaction standards. 

So, whether you're choosing a tantalizing edible lubricant or considering our other pleasure-enhancing products, be confident that your safety is our top priority. Explore our sex shop today and enjoy worry-free indulgence!