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It's Wedding Season - Here's How To Plan An Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

27 Jun 2024

Some people say that a wedding is the most important day of your life, but we’d argue that the bachelor or bachelorette party is an equally important rite of passage. It’s your last moment of freedom where you get to let loose with your friends, get buzzed, and deck everything out with penises.

halftone lips

Although figuring out how to plan a bachelorette party can be stressful for some, if you stock up on the right accessories and beverages, it’s easy to turn any regular space, even your own home, into a bachelorette paradise—no travel or extravagant expenses required!

That said, if you do want to head somewhere, remember to let all the members of your party know about the per-person expense and coordinate plans with a shared Google Doc so that everything is organized and easily accessible and everyone can RSVP easily.

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Create the perfect ambiance for bonding

Infusing a light-hearted energy in the air is a must—you can do this by serving cocktails mixed with a tasty aphrodisiac drink like Cloud 9 to get everyone relaxed. Create a DIY bar area with mixed drinks, shots, or champagne, and consider serving these beverages with raunchy sipping straws to set the mood and make for the ultimate photo op. Aphrodisiac-based products can be helpful if you plan on having a stripper performing or going to a strip club later in the evening.

    Cloud 9 Natural Aphrodisiac Drink

    This effervescent elixir is chock-full of natural aphrodisiacs known to stimulate circulation in all the right places and loosen inhibitions so you can finally try that *thing* you've been fantasizing about.



    Bachelorette Dicky Sipping Straws

    Have your wild bunch pucker up to these playful penis pops as you imbibe in libations and laughter. Each of these 10 erect straws sports a remarkably realistic dicky mouthpiece that's sure to elicit giggles and give new meaning to the term suck and blow.



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      Spice things up

      Don’t be afraid to infuse some sexiness into your event—after all, what is a guide to bachelorette parties without a nod to some raunchy penis inflatables, this banana-scented squishy or a penis stuffy? You can even add naughty gifts to the swag bags, like affordable bullet vibrators, blindfolds, or fuzzy handcuffs. This event is not the time to be a prude, so don’t be afraid to lean into the X-rated nature of things with games and penis-themed products galore. Even hiring a stripper or going to a strip club isn’t off-limits! If everyone in the group feels comfortable, sex or kink-related workshops could be an option if not everyone wants a stripping scenario.

      Penis Stuffy - 12"

      Take home your very own pecker you can cuddle without the commitment! This plush penis is as soft as it is silly, ready to put a smile on your face, and keep you cozy all night long.



      Bachelorette-chic decor and swag bags

      Beyond drinks, several inexpensive decor hacks can transform a place in minutes. We’re talking banners, balloons, and glitter or confetti. Gift bags can include wearables to rock at the actual party, like sashes, tiaras, or t-shirts, but you can also include cute temporary tattoos, face masks, nail polish, trinkets, or hangover essentials since you know everyone’s going to get wild! It’s just as fun to prep these gift bags as it is to receive them.

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      Host a sexy pajama or lingerie party

      Not sure how to plan a bachelorette party sleepover in an engaging way that still lets people unwind? There are a few different ways to approach this. You can have a grown-up slumber party where everyone dresses in sexy PJs or lingerie and brings their favorite drinks or snacks. Rather than just rocking lingerie to the party, the attendees can also bring a lingerie gift for the bride and have her either open up the presents or try them on for a racy fashion show.

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      Get the blood pumping

      Knowing how to plan a bachelorette party properly means that you can’t leave out a little boozy fun, but you don’t want to get too wasted early in the evening, so you might want to ease into things by doing some sexy activities. If the group is fitness-oriented or outdoorsy, hikes and spin classes are both fantastic options. Another way to get those endorphins pumping is to take a dance class together. Burlesque and pole dancing are on-theme, as is a striptease class where everyone gets to channel their inner goddess in a playful, confidence-boosting exercise.

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      Games to break the ice

      halftone lips

      Why put effort into creating your own games when there are so many entertaining ones that already exist? Spend hours hyping each other up with games, which are also a great way to get everyone acquainted if some of the attendees don’t know each other.

      Why put effort into creating your own games when there are so many entertaining ones that already exist? Spend hours hyping each other up with games, which are also a great way to get everyone acquainted if some of the attendees don’t know each other. Drinking games and party games like Kheper’s Drink If and Who Is The Biggest Slut can help the ladies open up with each other, or you can be a little more daring and take things to the next level with a Play Wiv Me Cum Face where you shoot either water or drinks and shoot “cum shots” into each other’s mouths. Who will win the title of “Fastest Wanker?” That’s another sash you might want to have customized for the champion!

      Scavenger hunts are another perfect activity to incorporate a little adventure into your bachelorette party. While there are companies that customize their own scavenger hunt for you and your group, you can work with friends to incorporate pub crawls, sightseeing, or nature spots. It also doesn’t have to be physical items that attendees check off their list. On a sheet, designate different points earned for either finding items or accomplishing different things, like getting a guy’s number, proposing to a stranger, or taking a selfie wearing someone else’s hat or glasses.

      Finish things off by pampering yourselves

      If you’re going away for a weekend or having a sleepover with the girls, heal the hangover with brunch (complete with mimosas, of course) and a spa day. Treat yourself to some facials or massages, a soothing yoga class or a day lounging by a hotel pool. No guide to bachelorette parties is complete without considering the aftermath of the celebration—there’s nothing like reflecting on those freshly formed memories by indulging in some much-deserved self-care with each other!

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