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Traveling With Sex Toys: Adventure Awaits

26 Jun 2024

As the weather warms up around the country, people are gearing up for travel plans. Whether you’re going on an epic road trip or flying somewhere tropical, you deserve to unleash your inner freak on the go with the most discreet sex toys on the market.

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Gone are the days of obvious pleasure products that give you anxiety about going through TSA—these days, figuring out how to travel with sex toys is easier than ever. In fact, a quick search of “vibrator” on the TSA’s “What Can I Bring” search tool shows that adult toys are allowed in all luggage.

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Packing pleasure: traveling with sex toys checklist

  • Keep it in your carry-on: this might depend on the airline you’re flying with, but certain rechargeable battery-powered toys must be packed in your carry-on bags instead of checked luggage.
  • Make sure your lube is travel-sized: just like with your beauty products, lube counts as a liquid, and TSA guidelines say you can’t pack bottles larger than 3.4 ounces or 100ml. Lube is also best for hand-luggage, as a leak can cause a disaster in your suitcase.
  • Opt for toys with a travel lock: When possible, travel with products that have a travel lock. If something is vibrating in your luggage, staff will most likely check it more than once, and you don’t want to miss your flight!
  • Keep it compact: travel light, even with sex toys! Going for smaller toys (less than seven inches) will help you abide by any airline restrictions, so instead of packing big dildos and wands, opt for smaller vibrators like bullets, mini wands or finger vibrators. Plus, more space means more room for your other stuff!

Fantasy For Her Her Finger Vibe

Discreet, whisper-quiet and powerful, this vibe packs 10 intoxicating vibration patterns into a petite silicone package. Your orgasms are about to get an upgrade.



  • Keep it visible: going opaque is a surefire way to get your vibe examined in front of the rest of the security line. Be sure to keep toys in a clear plastic bag, which is also the most hygienic way to pack them.
  • Bring the right charger: a universal charger or socket is best, especially if you’re traveling to a different continent. A universal USB socket adapter should do the trick and is readily available online.
  • Honesty is the best policy: there’s no need to feel shame about traveling with sex toys. If you’re questioned during a check, give a straightforward answer, and if you’re at a loss with how to explain, you can even take out the toy’s instruction manual or read off the box.

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Having fun with toys while traveling

Now that you’ve got the logistics figured out, it’s time for the fun part: deciding which sex toys or games you want to travel with. If you’re on a trip with a partner, discuss what kinds of products you might want to use (though bringing something for solo play is perfectly fine too!), and perhaps even games. There’s nothing like a different location outside of your regular bedroom to inspire you to experiment with something new. The best sex toys for travel are small and discreet, and we’ve covered some of the most popular picks below:

Lovense Lush 3

Lush 3 is the latest in long-distance, Bluetooth-enabled pleasure from Lovense. Customize up to 10 vibration patterns through the app & share your creations with your partner for foreplay from 

$174.99 $149.99



toys like the Lovense Lush 3 can be inserted during partnered sex, while wearable vibrator panties can be used for discreet fun on the plane, at a restaurant, or whenever you’re out and about, letting your partner control your pleasure. 

Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty

Made for spontaneous pleasure with no strings (or hands) attached, the Pleasure Panty comes with a powerful bullet vibe that syncs via Bluetooth to a remote. Take your pleasure on the road or hand the reins to your partner—the remote works from up to 10 feet away!



Butt Plugs

whether you’re a pro or a newbie curious to explore butt play, butt plugs are a compact way to explore while you’re traveling, making any trip even more adventurous.

Sex games

naughty dice, cards, and other games can help provide some inspiration while you’re at your exotic locale.

Mini Wands

the full-sized Magic Wand might not be feasible, but portable designs like the best-selling Micro Wand are the best sex toys for travel that pack a ton of power in a tiny size.

Hitachi Magic Wand Micro

The cordless, rechargeable Magic Wand® Micro may make you wonder how it can possibly represent a brand renowned for power. But, the ultra powerful motor boasts speeds up to 6,500 RPM with 3 speeds, perfect for those who demand power in a micro size!



Bullets/clitoral stimulators

bullets are small and versatile, making them top picks for travel. There are even discreet clitoral stimulators that simulate oral sex and come with a lid for maximum hygiene.

Satisfyer Love Triangle

With 8 vibe patterns, 5 intensity levels, & the ability to create custom vibes to sync to your Spotify playlists, your climactic creativity knows no bounds. Waterproof & USB rechargeable, the Love Triangle lets you get frisky wherever—& however—the mood strikes.


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Keep it safe

Since this precious cargo touches your genitals or penetrates you, you’ll want to travel with the right storage (bags or lockable cases) and antibacterial sex toy cleaners. While a clear bag can help keep things separate, once you reach your destination, you might want to place your intimacy products in an antibacterial toy bag with a spray or foam cleanser. This affordable sex toy cleaning kit is available in two sizes, comes with a travel-sized cleaner, and is 20% off right now, so don’t miss out!

Going through TSA with toys

It’s time to drop the stigma regarding traveling with sex toys. This is probably the only time you’re going to see these people, and you’re definitely not the first person to transport a sex toy, so seeing one in luggage or a carry-on isn’t abnormal. This is their job and a routine that they carry out every day—they probably see hundreds of sex toys daily, so don’t feel embarrassed!

Just like skincare, these products are self-care essentials that benefit your health—both mental and physical. It’s completely within your right to take charge of your sex life (and get the orgasms that are your birthright) by traveling with intimacy products.

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