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Sensual Gifts for Valentine’s Day

26 Jan 2024

When you’re coming up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas, an experience is sometimes better than an object. And since finding the perfect venue can sometimes be stressful, why not skip the crowds and celebrate more intimately at home?

Capturing a romantic memory at your place is priceless, and you can buy plenty of presents that can curate the ultimate couples experience for you and your partner. A crowd-favorite Valentine’s Day gift is creating a DIY spa in your bathroom for a self-care day that neither of you will forget.

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Give your bathroom a V-Day makeover

Setting the mood comes first. Even if you have a smaller or more basic bathroom, there are tons of easy and affordable ways to spruce it up with a bit of preparation.

halftone lips Create a romantic ambiance with the help of scented candles, a soft and sensual playlist, and dimmed lighting. After all, bright fluorescent lights are a surefire way to ruin the mood.


Add fake or real rose petals to your bath and the floor around the tub. Throw in some scented Epsom salts, a bath bomb, or a bubble bath solution to increase relaxation. Pepper luxurious accessories throughout your bathroom, such as spa slippers, robes, and a body care gift set. Feel free to add a bottle of champagne or wine next to a couple of champagne flutes, along with a platter of sexy snacks like chocolate-covered fruit or a charcuterie board.

Sensuva Pheromone Bubble Bath

Sensuva Pheromone Bubble Bath

Indulge in a sultry suds sesh with this pheromone-infused bubble bath. Sensuva takes "bath time" to a whole new level of bliss. Rub-a-dub-dub, two lovers in the tub!

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If giving your partner a mani or pedi after the bath, purchase accessories like nail files, a body scrub, cream, and cuticle oil. Polish is optional depending on whether it’s a Valentine's Day gift for her or a Valentine's Day gift for him.

You can assemble or purchase a premade spa gift set for your partner and explore all the products together. Consider adding warm face towels with eucalyptus essential oil or tying a eucalyptus bundle around your showerhead if using unscented or flameless candles.

Hemp Seed Isle of You Spa Set

Hemp Seed Isle-of-You Holiday Spa Gift Set

This vegan, THC-free set lets you soak up the scents of paradise. Lather up with the shower gel, light the candle to fill your space with an exotic aroma, then slather on the skin butter for skin as supple as a sea breeze.

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Female Couple Bathing Together

Benefits of sensual bathing 

Technically, even if you’re providing this for someone else, this counts as one of the best couple gifts since you both benefit from it. A peaceful soak together can increase your bond by facilitating intimate conversations and stories. Sensual bathing isn’t just a luxury—it’s a way to reduce stress and anxiety, put down the screens, and nurture that need to slow down and rekindle sparks.

halftone lips When you take away all the clothing and distractions, you allow time to focus on each other while remaining open and vulnerable. It’s a flawless setting to explore each other’s bodies and discuss your hidden desires while enhancing both physical and emotional bonds. 


The feeling of water flowing over your skin can often be the best form of foreplay and can even lead to some underwater orgasms if you have the right waterproof toys. 

 Couple giving a massage

Maintaining the mood post-bath

To maintain the mood outside the bath, start with a sensual massage in the bedroom. Bring that playlist along and perhaps this massage-in-a-box kit that makes things easier. Spritz on a sex pheromone perfume to drive your partner crazy, and be sure that the bedroom is nice and warm so that your bodies can unwind better. You can even up the ante with an LED laser star projector to simulate getting naughty under the constellations. Don’t be afraid to whisper dirty talk into your partner’s ear while touching them.

Simply Sexy Pheromone Perfume

Simply Sexy Pheremone Perfume

Infused with natural extracts to amplify your allure, Simply Sexy has a blend of fresh citrus and fruity notes with warm amber and sandalwood for an intoxicating aroma that lingers on the skin.

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Rub your partner down with a massage oil or a scented massage cream that doubles as an aphrodisiac. Sliding your hands all over someone else’s slippery body can be an incredible turn-on. Be sure to use a vagina-friendly formula; hemp seed massage oil is always a safe bet.

Although you can start with the back, be sure to have them flip over so you can start with the legs, chest, and arms before working your way to all the erogenous zones like the butt, vulva, breasts, penis, or testicles. Be sure to focus on the areas that they like so that they feel as comfortable as possible.

Wicked Sensual Massage Cream

Wicked Sensual Massage Cream

Vitamins A and E team up with electrolytes to leave your flesh feeling fantastically soft and supple. Perfect for a solo sesh or getting handsy with your honey, just slather it on and let the good times roll.

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Using an edible massage oil means you can deliver seductive kisses or tongue traces as you’re rubbing the oil into your partner, who will taste just like dessert. In contrast, a massage candle provides a lighting ambiance while preheating nourishing oil to silky perfection.

After an erotic massage, the oxytocin (aka, the love hormone) can really be flowing, and you may want to take things to the next level. Don’t focus on penetration right away. Explore each other’s bodies with forms of sensory play like feather ticklers and whips, and consider exploring with sex toys for couples or sex furniture that lets you explore new positions and possibilities. Let go of all pressure and expectations and just take pleasure in being together.

Liberator Jaz Motion Pillow

Jaz Motion Pillow - Black

Made of high-density foam, the Jaz won't flatten or flop, giving your romp all the support it needs. The curvy side glides your body into the right motion, while the flatter side lifts you up for those mouthwatering moves you've been dreaming of.

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Need an all-in-one solution?

Check out our Unwrap Me gift set. With couple’s remote vibes, an aromatherapy candle, Snap + Slide one-handed lube packets, body wipes, a heart-shaped warming massager, heart-shaped anal beads, CBD-infused coconut oil lube, and a dice game, you’ll have everything you need to make this V-Day one for the books…or the sheets 😉

Amazing Unwrap Me Valentine's Gift Set

Amazing Intimate Essentials Unwrap Me Gift Set

Everything you need to take your relationship to a new level for V-Day is in this one cute box. From couple’s remote vibes, to lube packets, to CBD-infused coconut oil, your whole night is covered for just $49!

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Overall tips for a sensual V-Day experience 

To properly unwind together, opening the lines of communication is a must. This will allow you to enjoy a sensual Valentine's Day gift like an erotic bath experience in a setting that’s calming and intimate. Though it may seem awkward initially, having a conversation about likes and dislikes can be helpful.

Do they enjoy dirty talk? Where are their favorite places to be massaged, or where do they not like to be touched? Will you opt for a kinky experience or something a little more vanilla? Will penetration be a part of the experience at all?

There's no wrong way to approach an erotic bath or massage, but it should fit your vibe, and you won’t know what that is until you have a sit down with your partner to help create the ideal experience for you both.


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