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Sexy Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

22 Jan 2024

A lot of people think Valentine's Day goes as follows: buy chocolate, flowers, fancy dinner. Rinse and repeat every year for a happy partner. If that’s your normal formula, you’re missing out on one of the best opportunities to celebrate love and strengthen the bond with your partner.

Valentine’s Day is more than just a day to woo your loved ones. It’s a time to create memorable experiences that will live in your mind forever and help you foster intimacy with your partner.

But how do you elevate the experience beyond the corny and commercialized Valentine’s tropes we’re so used to seeing year after year? There are a few tips to ensure the one you love feels appreciated and desired on this special day. Whether you’re shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for her or a Valentine’s Day gift for him, here’s how to make the most of the occasion.

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Plan Ahead

No one ever succeeded by winging it on Valentine’s Day. Although some consider surprises to be romantic, we recommend discussing expectations with your partners and planning to make it a special day for both partners. For instance, if you consider the perfect couple’s gift to be an expensive dinner at a high-end restaurant but your partner would prefer to stay in and cook a cozy meal one-on-one, it could make for an awkward night.

halftone lips Communicate beforehand to make the day special for everyone and reach a compromise if necessary. Although this is a fantastic day to get out of your comfort zone or normal routine and try something new, everyone should be comfortable.


If one of you wants to go out and the other wants to stay in, consider heading out for drinks or appetizers and heading home for the main course (and dessert, if you catch our drift.)

Romantic couple enjoying candlelight dinner

Ideas for celebrating together

Generic romance is for suckers, so craft a personalized experience instead. Customize your celebration based on shared interests, such as cooking together, crafting, or curating other DIY experiences. You can also connect by trying something new together. Host a Valentine’s Day dinner for couples, head to the roller rink, go for a hike, or take things beyond an expensive dinner. Instead, do a food crawl of all the places you share memories of. Besides a food crawl, feel free to get creative with all the other ways you can relive happy memories of those newly-in-love days.

This time is the ultimate opportunity to rediscover your romance. Spend the day in bed, make art on each other with edible body paint, or take a steamy shower together. Feeling a little competitive? Play strip poker or another dirty game, which there is no shortage of on Amazing Intimate Essentials.

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If you’re spending the night out together, one of the sexiest Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her is a wearable panty vibrator that can be worn at a bar, party, or restaurant. V-Day lingerie is another gift they’ll love to unwrap, and there’s no shortage of options, from mesh babydolls to fishnet body stockings.

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Role-playing is another kinky way to act out the fantasies of your dreams at a public venue. A Valentine's Day gift that’s more romantic than erotic (but can certainly get spicier with the right wordplay) is writing a love letter to your partner. Reminisce on memories or write down everything you love and appreciate about them. Alternatively, make a DIY scrapbook or curate the ultimate V-Day playlist.

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Couple in kitchen embracing

Get intimate and unplug for Valentine’s Day quality time

Put down the phone and unplug if you want to recharge your relationship. Pro tip: don’t live-tweet your date night. Although you can watch a movie together, screen-free time is a surefire way to reconnect with your partner and get that quality time you crave on Valentine’s Day. You can play a game together (naughty or normal) or ask them spontaneous questions. For one of the Valentine’s Day gifts that’s seriously worth splurging on, unplug at a cozy cabin away in the wilderness for the weekend.

In addition, remember that not all couple’s gifts are items—some are experiences, like doling out a luxurious massage to your partner, having a DIY wine tasting at home, or creating the perfect picnic experience. You can do this in your home, backyard, rooftop, or nearby park. Munch on a charcuterie board, pop some champagne and stare into each other's eyes under the stars.

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Besides a massage, you can gain a new appreciation for each other’s bodies by doing couples yoga (in a studio or at home for a little more privacy) or taking a dance class together. You can even get a little daring and go to a strip club together if a class sounds too vanilla. You can even end the night with a lap dance of your own at home and your favorite sex toy, whether that’s a clitoral stimulator, a finger vibrator, or this twist on the infamous rose toy.  And don’t forget the lube!

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Couple being intimate in a tub


Pamper and indulge in self-care

You don’t need to spend hundreds at a spa to pamper yourself and your lover. Instead, create a DIY couples spa night at home, with things like bubble baths, massages, and face masks. Essential oils can add to the experience and double as an aphrodisiac.

halftone lips Set the mood with candles, a sexy playlist or spa music, heated towels, and fragrant eucalyptus bundles. You could even sprinkle some rose petals in the bath. You can also consider surprising your partner with a care package with their favorite self-care goodies. If you really want to pamper your significant other, give them a pedicure paired with a foot rub and some scented lotion.


And indulge in the best self-care of all—simultaneous orgasms. Feeling peckish after getting down and dirty? Put together a colorful fruit platter with some chocolate dipping sauce as a twist on the classic chocolate-covered strawberries.



Inspire each other to keep celebrating love, and each other

No matter what you do, V-Day can be a way to inject that spark back into your love and remember why you fell for each other in the first place. In the hustle and bustle of work and daily duties, it can be hard to take time aside to get absorbed in each other like you used to. Implement some of these ideas, and even years later, you’ll feel right back in that honeymoon stage.


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