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Sneaky Tips For Sex During The Holidays

18 Dec 2023

The holiday season is the most magical time of the year when we celebrate and bond with loved ones. But during those times, our carnal desires don’t just disappear.

And while holiday sex sounds amazing in theory, finding those moments to slip away for some sexy self-care or intimate time with your partner should also be a priority. But if your schedule is jam-packed with family events, how can you carve out those quality one-on-one moments?

Whether you’re stuck in a guest room, sharing walls with your parents or just trying to find some spare time between holiday commitments to get your freak on, we’ve got some hacks to help ensure that you get the best holiday gift that exists: orgasms.

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Plan Ahead

Don't let the holidays suck up all your free time. Instead, make a rough plan or schedule for holiday gatherings so that you can have your well-deserved privacy. Carving out these pockets of alone time to spend with your partner can help you decompress from all the attention and holiday stress while allowing you precious time to get naughty.

Another clever hack, if you’re staying with family, is to hide out in your bedroom (or whatever bedroom you’re staying in) with the right excuses. Come up with a reason to turn in early for the night—maybe you have a headache or are just feeling sleepy.

In the morning, you can pretend you overslept. In reality, you’ll have been getting some nookie for breakfast, and no one will know the better. The Oral Sex Fundamentals Kit includes a stroker and lube, making it perfect for quickies with a partner or by yourself.

GoodHead Blowjob Kit

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You can even have some sneaky car sex if you offer to grab some last-minute supplies from the store. You’ll get bonus points for being helpful and can find an empty parking lot or another secluded area to pull over and get frisky.

A wearable panty vibe is a smart and discreet sex toy that can turn you or a partner on during the holidays, even at a loud family function. Just make sure to keep your poker face.

Paige Panty Vibe

Paige Panty Vibe

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Set up a creative home retreat

Feel free to experiment with themes if you're staying home for the holidays. Create a holiday-themed space where you can have your own little escape. The room or corner you choose can even become an unofficial area for intimate time with your partner. Don’t have a fire to roast chestnuts by?

halftone lips To create a cozy atmosphere, set up string lights and scented candles. You can also add a winter bouquet or wreath for a festive touch. Another option is to drape some garlands around.


Decorate your couches or chairs with cozy pillows and faux fur throws that'll make you wanna snuggle up for some Netflix and chill, whether it’s with yourself and your favorite sex toy or your lover.

Enhance the atmosphere and enjoy the evening with these hemp massage oils that have multiple scents. You can also use this space to play cheeky games that double as foreplay, like the 12 Adult Party Games of Christmas.

Hemp Seed Massage Oil Kit

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Go on a mini getaway

Spending holidays with the family can make it difficult to get time alone or with your partner. The constant pressure to be with everyone can also make it hard to speak up. Therefore, you may want to add a short day trip or overnight getaway to the schedule. Bring along a portable sex toy that packs a punch, like this mutually pleasing vibrating c-ring.

    Vibrating Cock Ring

    Couples Enhancers Dual Pleaser Enhancer

    With the Dual Pleaser Enhancer cock ring, you'll be seeing stars...together! Why Netflix and chill when you can Dual Please and tease? Take your pleasure to the next level, together.

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    It's important to spend quality time with your partner during the holiday. You can go glamping, hike to a beautiful view, get spa treatments, or stay at a cozy bed and breakfast for privacy. This will help you get in the mood and offer some much-needed R&R at a time when you always have to be ”on” and deal with various stressors.

    Adding this to the end of your trip can help you end your holidays on a great note before you have to head back to work. Planning a day out or a mini vacation can help you bond during this season. But it's also important to leave room for spontaneity and spur-of-the-moment intimacy. Preparation can sometimes get in the way of happiness, and spontaneity can make room for beautiful moments that the two of you will never forget. If you’re unpartnered, the same goes for you!



    The Wrap-Up

    Ultimately, there are many ways you can slip away from the busy holidays and get your mojo back. During the holidays, it's important to value your loved ones and take care of yourself by setting limits. Overextending can even lead you to take that frustration out on your partner, which won’t do any favors for your sex life.

    During the busy holidays, we must focus on enjoying ourselves, even if it's challenging. Orgasms release endorphins, help us sleep, relax, and put us in a better mood. So, while it may not seem important in the grand scheme of things, it can help us in a myriad of ways.

    It's important for single people and couples to find a balance between alone time and being together with all your loved ones. Prioritizing intimacy doesn't mean you're ignoring your family or doing anything incorrect. Instead, it can enhance your holiday experience and add to the celebration, all while reducing stress.

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