Couple’s Vibrators

Increase the Vibes With a Couple’s Vibrator

Playtime is always more fun when you share your toys! Increase your intimacy and come together with the buzz of a couple’s vibrator. Crank up the dial and unleash your wildest fantasies as you and your lover discover new depths of bliss!

Why settle for vanilla when you can have every flavor? Let your inhibitions go and spice up your routine when you explore vibrators for couples. Our selection of body-safe toys will ignite your passion and bring you closer together. It’s the perfect surprise and a great excuse for a night in.

Vibrators Elevate Intimacy For Couples 

Invite a new friend to bed with a vibrator for couples! Our vast selection of vibes will keep your hands free to explore each other’s bodies and uncover your new favorite spots. Experience an elevated level of connection as you go deeper than ever before.

A couple’s vibrator is just the tip of the iceberg for a spicy night of passion. Pair your vibe with anal beads to explore even more erogenous zones, or slip into a body harness and see how long you can practice restraint. Whatever you do, a wild night awaits!

At Amazing Intimates, You Come First

Our sex shop is known for satisfying our customers with high-quality products and amazing service. Ensuring you come first has kept us in business since 1969! We prefer a human touch to service and never use robots to resolve questions or concerns.

We offer a “Make It Right” policy to guarantee your satisfaction. If your order is damaged, we’ll exchange or refund it. We want you to shop with peace of mind; we sweat the details so your imagination can run wild. Shop couple’s vibrators today and get free shipping on orders over $69!