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Sex Games and Sexy Gifts That Bring Joy

Fun meets passion with Amazing Intimates’ selection of sex games and sexy gifts! Whether it’s game night or date night, one enticing roll of the dice will ignite your passion. Game on, lovers!

Dungeons and Dragons? Sure, just ditch the dragons. Show off your playful side with sex games and sexy gifts from Amazing Intimates. Discover new pleasures with your partner while you play your hand. We have sexual card and board games that cater to every taste and preference.

Once you get those competitive juices flowing, you’ll want to play more than one round! That’s why you should pair your sex games with enough lube to keep the night running smoothly. That way, even the losers end up winning.

Sex games and sexy gifts are great for friends, too! Bring cock ring soap to the bachelor party or edible panties to the bachelorette party to break the ice and get people talking! They might even get inspired to use the gifts for a more adventurous wedding night. Or any night before — we’re not judging!

Our Customers Always Come First

Amazing Intimates is one of the nation‘s leading sex shops. With our inclusive selection of adult toys, seductive lingerie, sex games, and sexy gifts, we've made your pleasure our business since 1969.

Part of our commitment to being the best is making sure our customers come first. If you have a question, you’ll talk to a real person, not a robot. We like to save the machines for the bedroom!

Order our sexual card and board games with peace of mind, knowing we bill and ship our products discreetly. We also replace damaged or defective merchandise with our Make it Right pledge. Without the stress of returning products or talking to robots, you’re free to unleash your wildest fantasies! 

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