Penis Pumps

Heavy-Duty Penis Pumps for Peak Performance 

Pump away to ecstasy with our eclectic collection of penis pumps designed to get things into high gear and take you on a journey to unprecedented peaks. New behind the wheel? Fear not! Our beginner-friendly hand pumps are a breeze to use; no fumbling or confusion here! 

For those thirsting for adventure, heavy-duty penis pumps like the Optimum Series® Advanced Automatic Smart Pump™ and the Pump Worx Cock Trainer Pump System are your VIP pass to the elite realms of delight. Our collection features both electric and manual pumps, vibrating wonders, and even hydropumps that promise longer-lasting results. 

Track your achievements on your pump’s scale and then, if you like, put a cock ring on it to keep the party going and going. 

Go Big or Go Home with Amazing Intimates

Amazing Intimates puts our customers’ well-being first. That’s why each and every product we offer in our sex shop has been thoroughly inspected and verified to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality. 

Our heavy-duty penis pumps are not only exciting and indulgent but also safe for your intimate moments. When you buy a penis pump from us, you can be sure it has been evaluated to the highest level of safety and efficacy. 

For those eager to explore but want to ensure they do so safely, our knowledgeable team is here to guide you. We encourage anyone looking to dive into the world of heavy-duty penis pumps to reach out. We’ll give you personalized, expert advice to ensure your journey into enhanced pleasure is both thrilling and informed. Chat with us