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Sexual Enhancements for Women

03 Apr 2024

Getting in the mood isn’t always easy with all the chaos life throws our way, and most of us have experienced issues with our libido (or our partner’s) at one point in our lives. For years, men have been the sole market for aphrodisiacs, libido boosters, and sexual enhancement products.

From Super Bowl commercials to the pills at the gas station, everyone knows what these enhancements can do for men. But what about the women? Only in recent times has the focus on female pleasure finally been recognized and allowed to exist out in the public, rather than shrouded in secrecy, misunderstanding, and taboo.

But today, the spotlight has shifted to a different demographic with ground-breaking advancements to enhance sexual well-being. One of these approaches is designing for female sexual enhancements in the form of libido pills, gels, gummies, and beverages. With these new resources, more women are finally able to reinvigorate their desire and pleasure.

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The stigma surrounding female desire

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In the past, female desire has been seen as something that either doesn’t exist or should be contained. Because of this, many women have unfortunately had to suffer in silence while their male counterparts are offered a bevy of solutions and little blue pills.

The stigma around sex drive in women doesn’t just breed misinformation—it affects personal relationships and hinders open conversations with healthcare providers regarding sexual well-being and libido. With the creation of sex pills for women, ladies can finally take matters into their own hands and start shedding the stigma.

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Benefits of female libido pills

These enhancement products are designed to address different factors surrounding desire that women may face. Some of the benefits include:

Increases libido/sex drive:
The main benefit of these products is that they solve the culprits of decreased libido, such as menopause, medication, hormone imbalance, and stress or anxiety. Female sexual enhancements can also balance estrogen and other hormones, which are major causes for a decline in sex drive.

Boosts natural lubrication:
Hormone imbalances can cause libido to plummet, and these imbalances from age or lifestyle changes can also drastically decrease natural lubrication. While regular lube can reduce friction during sex, it doesn’t increase your natural wetness like these products for women can.

Stronger/more frequent orgasms:
Female libido boosters increase blood flow and reduce stress, helping you reach that peak with ease, as often as you want. When circulation and blood flow to the genitals increase, so does sensitivity, leading to strong climaxes and even multiple orgasms. These products also reduce stress, a common libido dampener, so you can get out of your head and reach maximum pleasure.

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What kind of enhancement supplements are on the market?

These ingestible products are made for internal use (taken orally) and can be mixed into a drink of your choice. They may take a few minutes to kick in.

If you don’t want ingestibles, arousal gels and hydrating vaginal lotions with the power to increase natural lubrication are great external options. Many topicals have the power to work immediately, and they’re also travel-friendly.

Alchemy Spark For Her Arousal Gel

Alchemy Spark For Her Arousal Gel

Exotic botanicals blend to amplify sensation, intensifying tingles into indescribable vibrations of warmth. Neighbors beware—orgasms may startle!

Like honey or powder, shots such as the Pink Pussycat Shot can generate warmth and sensitivity via oral ingestion but don’t require any mixing, hence are a mess-free alternative when you’re on the go.

Pink Pussycat Shot

Pink Pussycat Shot

Pink Pussycat generates tingling warmth and sensitivity where it matters most. The effects intensify with friction, so grab your favorite toy or willing partner and unleash your inner sex kitten!

Pills are another mess-free form of enhancers, and they can offer longer-lasting effects. The Pink Pussycat pill can last up to 72 hours, making it perfect for a weekend getaway or vacation when you want guaranteed climax and arousal.

One of the tastiest options on the market right now, gummies that amp up your sex drive can be served with other snacks and are the ideal choice if you find that pills are hard to swallow or that powders have a taste you don’t like.

Bliss Bears Female Enhancement Gummies

Bliss Bears Female Enhancement Gummies

Crafted with care and precision, and designed to boost energy, libido, and sexual performance, Bliss Bear Gummies are a delicious, easy, and effective way to enhance your intimate experiences. 6 gummies per pack with 3 doses available.

Forget the champagne—carbonated, colorful beverages like
Cloud 9 Aphrodisiac Drink can be incorporated into your foreplay routine alongside some chocolate-covered strawberries to stimulate the senses and free inhibitions.

Cloud 9 Aphrodisiac Drink

Cloud 9 Aphrodisiac Drink

This effervescent elixir is chock-full of natural aphrodisiacs known to stimulate circulation in all the right places and loosen inhibitions so you can finally try that *thing* you've been fantasizing about.

 Many of these chemical-free formulas are loaded with natural herbs and botanicals that contain aphrodisiac properties, and they often work immediately. Whether you prefer a topical, ingestible, or a powder that can be dissolved into a drink, there’s no shortage of choices available based on your needs.

Although female libido boosters like Addyi are available through prescription, many products like the ones above, available on the Amazing Intimate Essentials website, are safe, effective, and available for immediate purchase.

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Are female libido supplements right for you?

With celebs like Cardi B discussing the Pink Pussycat pill, a lot of people are wondering if they should try a supplement for female libido. If you’re experiencing a decrease in libido, reduced natural lubrication, or difficulty reaching orgasm, these supplements can be fantastic short-term solutions.

Pink Pussycat Pill

Pink Pussycat Pill

This saucy supplement lets your lusty side out of the cage for up to 72 hours of frisky fun. Whether you're spending a sensuous weekend with your main squeeze or enjoying a solo romp, the Pink Pussycat Pill puts you in heat and leaves you hungry for more.

 Libido supplements can be used on a date night and combined with other arousal techniques like foreplay, sex toys, and lube. Explore audio erotica from Dipsea to get in the mood. Masturbating before sex may also reduce performance anxiety or pressure and make it easier to climax with a partner. 

Finally, implementing lifestyle changes like eating fewer processed foods, getting enough sleep and exercise, and practicing mindfulness through meditation or journaling, can help increase desire in the long run.

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A world of possibilities

Empowering women to take charge of their sexual health is essential, and it starts by enabling open discussions like this and educating people on the multitude of resources that exist out there. With science-backed approaches and non-judgemental conversations, we can help to normalize (and celebrate) all the discussions and advancements around female sexual wellness.

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