Topical Stimulants - Arousal Gels and Serums

Experience new, spine-tingling sensations with Amazing Intimates’ selection of arousal gels. From warming to tingling, add a new level of pleasure with our topical sexual enhancers!

Ignite Your Passion with Arousal Gels

We could all use an extra boost in the bedroom sometimes. That’s why Amazing Intimates stocks a large selection of arousal gels to take your pleasure to even greater heights. From warming sensations to toe-curling tingles, our topical sexual enhancers will put you in the mood!

The words “not tonight” will never cross your mind again after you discover this secret to bliss. Every part of your body will pulse with pleasure when you slather yourself in our arousal gels.

Pair our topical sexual enhancers with the buzz of a vibrator and ignite your passion! With spot-specific stimulating gels and creams, the pleasure you can experience is limitless. Try it with a partner to go all night or take an extended solo journey. 

Elevating Your Intimacy Since 1969

The only thing Amazing Intimates cares more about than your pleasure is your safety. That’s why all our sex toys, lubes, and arousal gels are body-safe. Our commitment to our customers is why we’ve been an industry-leading sex shop since 1969!

We guarantee your privacy, too. Our discreet billing disguises your orders on your credit card statement, and your packages ship in unmarked boxes. Your privacy matters to us, and we want to ensure everything you do in the bedroom stays between you and the sheets.

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