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View From the Top: Best Sex Toys for Self-Pleasure

06 Nov 2023

As fun as seeing friends and family during the holiday season can be, it can also be chaotic. it’s tough to find a self-care moment to yourself when you have so much on your plate — especially the most intimate kind: self-pleasure.

To survive the holidays while getting the orgasms you deserve, you’ll need a supremely satisfying solo sex toy. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, figuring out what makes you tick on your own is an essential skill in the bedroom. Here’s everything you need to know about solo sex play and the best solo sex toys to check out ASAP.

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Self-exploration and understanding desires

When it comes to sex or masturbation, getting to know yourself is the best way to get insight into what turns you on. Self-exploration and reflecting on what feels good and what doesn’t won’t just help you learn about your deepest desires and fantasies — it can help you figure out your boundaries and limitations, which are equally important, especially during sex with other people.

In spite of life and work sometimes getting in the way, exploring your body and self-pleasure should be a top priority. Taking the time to figure this out will pay dividends in the future, especially during stressful times like the holidays when you need to unwind. 

Do you like the feeling of strong or light vibrations, or enjoy a sucking sensation instead? Embarrassed to talk about these things? Journaling about them or letting your mind wander with fantasies can help you get to know yourself better. Dim the lights, put on your favorite music, and get to writing in a distraction-free space to start the process. Watching porn in this same ambiance can help you figure out likes and dislikes.

These strategies can help you determine what toy to buy for solo sex. There’s no shortage of intimacy accessories out there. Narrow the search by asking yourself what sensations, textures, and aesthetics you enjoy most.

Engaging in these practices can help develop your sexual identity, stay open-minded, and help you be more compassionate towards yourself. As we get older, our sexual needs and erogenous zones sometimes change. Therefore,  developing self-awareness in that area is a valuable life-long tool that ensures you stay fulfilled.

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Exploring the variety of solo sex toys

Although many people start by using their fingers, solo sex toys can supercharge the experience. If you don’t know exactly what you like, exploring different toys can be a great way to figure that out. There are endless options for solo sex toy use on the market right now. Categories include clitoral stimulators, oral sex suction toys, dildos, wands, strokers, and rabbit toys that hit the g-spot while tickling the clit with nubs resembling rabbit ears.

    Satisfyer Pro 2

    Satisfyer Pro 2

    The Satisfyer Pro 2 brings a whole new meaning to sweet nothings. This little love machine whispers soothing sonnets straight to your sweet spot using revolutionary Air-Pulse Technology

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    The amount of products in various shapes and sizes can be overwhelming, and choosing can boil down to the feel and look. If you enjoy penetration, consider anal toys, dildos, and rabbit toys that combine the best of both worlds with clitoral stimulation and insertion.  A creative take on the rabbit is a c-shaped vibrator, which you can wear during sex or for a hands-free self-pleasure session.

    Piper G-Spot Vibe

    Piper G-Spot App Controlled Vibe

    This app-connected vibe has 12 modes, a discreet shape and a whisper-quiet motor to keep you going for hours no matter where you are.

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    Anal plugs are recognizable through a flared bottom and stimulate the anus, while prostate massagers hit the p-spot in men. Both are available in manual and vibrating options; the same goes for dildos.

    Although dildos are intimidating for many, a wide range is available. Some are more realistic, with veins and dual-density designs that look and feel like a penis. Others have a more abstract and artsy look. You can find them in any width or length you desire. This is mainly decided based on your anatomy and experience level. Bigger isn’t always better, so choose based on your past experiences of what you’ve enjoyed.

    Consider material when shopping for a dildo. Glass, metal, and silicone are non-porous and straightforward to clean. This reduces the likelihood of trapping bacteria. Silicone is the softest and most realistic, which makes it a popular choice for newbies and pros alike. It also often features a suction cup bottom, which can be stuck to walls or floors for a hands-free experience. Still, only use these toys with water-based lubrication to preserve quality. Glass or metal is a smart choice for temperature play, but it doesn’t contour to the body.

    King Cock Dildo

    King Cock Dildo

    Get down and dirty with the King Cock, a dildo so realistic you'll do a double take. This stud's got every vein, shaft and head sculpted to perfection, and he's raring to go whenever you are.

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    Clitoral stimulators generally contain a vibrating motor in a compact bullet shape or a broad-stimulation shape like a Hitachi wand that simultaneously stimulates the labia and internal clitoris. Meanwhile, suction toys use pulses of air and a gentle seal around the clit to simulate oral sex. These toys are known for providing a quick and powerful orgasm.

    For penis owners, strokers and masturbation sleeves are the best options. Like dildos, there are realistic versions that resemble a human vagina or non-realistic sleeves that don’t resemble anatomy. These require lubrication and are made of TPE blends or silicone, featuring a smooth or patterned interior sleeve to stimulate the penis. 

    Don’t buy what you think you “should” like. See it as a fun quest and browse different websites to understand what excites you. If your fantasies include shower or bath usage, make sure the toy is waterproof.

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    Choosing the perfect fit

    We briefly touched on what to look for in the size, shape, and material of a dildo, but what about all the other choices out there?

    Although many consider Fleshlights the holy grail of strokers, there are many more affordable masturbation sleeves available online. The same goes for high-end vibrators and wands - dupes aren’t hard to find. Pricier bells and whistles can include more vibration settings/patterns, app-controlled toys, memory settings, and a quieter motor. Avoid Amazon, which can sell cheap and toxic materials. Instead,  stick with more trusted retailers like Amazing Intimate Essentials.

    PDX Air-Tight Stroker

    PDX Air-Tight Stroker

    The PDX Elite Air-Tight Stroker is about to blow your mind. With an airtight seal and sturdy, ribbed case, this bad boy creates powerful suction and lifelike sensations that'll have you weak in the knees.

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    For sleeves, dildos, vibrators, anal toys, and rabbits, avoid jelly-based materials. Jelly-based toys can harbor bacteria and degrade over time. Silicone is often a safe bet, as is glass, ABS plastic, and metal. Search for descriptors like body safe or medical grade. 

    The size of the toy you choose will depend on what anatomy you like stimulated. Those who like pinpoint stimulation, partner play, and nipple play might prefer a bullet. A wand would be better if you prefer broader surface area coverage, an ultra-strong vibration, or a more ergonomic handle. If you enjoy clitoral stimulation over penetration, a more petite vibrator or suction toy may be preferable to a dildo or rabbit. That said, there are also smaller rabbits that allow for experimentation. 

    Accessibility is also an essential factor to consider. Vibrators with a more extended handle than a bullet can be ergonomic for people with mobility issues or arthritis. Larger buttons and controls can be more functional and make it easier to switch up settings during playtime. Read through reviews to see if a toy is too strong or gentle for your liking. 

    When shopping for solo sex toys, keep self-exploration in mind, and while we encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, trust your instincts on what feels good! This is probably the most pleasurable homework assignment you’ll ever complete.



    Ultimately, there are many ways to explore your sexuality and enhance your masturbation. From dildos to vibrators and sleeves, there’s something out there to tickle your fancy, regardless of preferences and gender. Apart from having explosive solo orgasms, using these toys and considering different factors when shopping for them can help you enhance your sex life with others and express what you want in the bedroom more clearly.

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