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How to Use Sex Toys to Spice Up a Long-Distance Relationship

05 Feb 2024

Not all relationships are equal, and not every couple gets the privilege of seeing each other all the time. Keeping that spark alive in long distance relationships isn’t always easy, but fortunately, we live in an age where couples can communicate online and on Facetime.

Being physical may be a challenge with miles between partners, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve to stop you from growing apart, no matter the distance. With the right ingredients, spending time apart can make for some erotic and playful moments to connect via phone and video chat, which are highly underrated.

Additionally, there are many long-distance sex toys specifically designed for this purpose with high-tech features like Bluetooth connectivity and more. Here are our favorite loopholes to get down and dirty in a long-distance relationship.

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1. Using interactive toys for remote pleasure

Make playtime x-rated with the bevy of interactive toys designed for long-distance play. Lovense is one of the most popular partner-compatible brands for long-distance lovers. The Lovense Lush 3 is a hands-free c-shaped vibrator that users with a vulva can insert and keep in place with an adjustable tail. Great for using while you’re on a video chat or call with a partner, this long distance vibrator features ten vibration patterns and can even vibrate with your favorite songs to utilize that sexy playlist.

For penis-owning partners, the Lovense Max 2 sleeve might feel even better than actual sex and will elevate your masturbation session like never before. It features subtle vibrations and contraction-mimicking air pumps that stimulate an incredibly mind-blowing orgasm, and the matching app allows you to customize intensity and tightness.

Lovense Max 2

Lovense Max 2 with Neutral-Shaped Sleeve

Max 2 is all about high-tech simulation & customization. Whether enjoying from the comfort of your home or handing the reins to a long-distance lover, this stroker takes male masturbation from basic to brilliant.

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Woman in a robe on the bed video calling with partner

2. Video calls and playtime 

Playing separately doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a connection. FaceTime still allows you to experience the glorious visual aspect of being physical. While you can’t touch each other, you can certainly touch yourselves while your partner admires from afar. Long-distance mutual masturbation has never been hotter or more intimate. Put on your favorite lingerie (or don’t wear anything at all), and add some toys to the mix for an unforgettable cyber date.

halftone lips With many long-distance sex toys connected to apps your partner can control from afar, you can even create your own naughty DIY game with the app itself, acting as the perfect foreplay for your time together.


With some wearable toys, you can leave the house and have your partner turn you on in public without anyone being aware. Just make sure to put a menu in front of your face if you let out a little moan. How close to the edge can your partner take you?

The Link Up™ Remote Alpha vibrating cock ring snugly wraps around your member and provides up to 30 minutes of rumbly vibes. Since it can be controlled remotely, you can even venture outside of the bedroom. Take this bad boy out to a sexy cocktail bar and explore that deep-down fetish for public sex you know you’ve always secretly wanted to try as your partner controls from afar.

Link Up Remote Alpha

Link Up Remote Alpha

This rechargeable dual stimulating remote-controlled silicone cock ring wraps snug yet comfy around him to boost size, stamina & satisfaction. With 10 vibration patterns, you're in full control!

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The Link Up™ Remote Max has the added perk of a memory chip, which remembers your last setting just in case your call gets interrupted. It also offers a longer playtime, up to 90 minutes on a full charge.

For women, the Paige Panty Vibe offers remote public play discreetly in a pair of underwear. Let your partner be the voyeur and watch you squirm with delight as you wear this lightweight vibe and experiment with all its innovative modes. With nine pulse patterns and a suction opening, this toy will make you convulse with orgasms whether you’re in rush hour or on a night out.

Paige Panty Vibe

Intimate Essentials Link - Paige Panty Vibe

This app-connected panty vibe's air-pulse canal & vibration notch boasts 9 resonant pulse patterns to get you to the big O at record speed, all while keeping you connected to your long-distance lover!

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The Piper G-Spot Vibe, on the other hand, stimulates internally and can be synced with music, just like the Lovense toys. The most pleasurable alternative to penetration with a partner, this flexible toy offers 12 vibration patterns and full app control if you want to hand yourself over to a long-distance lover.

Piper G-Spot Vibe

Intimate Essentials Link - Piper G-Spot Vibe

With 12 arousing vibration modes, an ergonomic shape, and full app control, Piper makes beautiful music with your body. Whether you prefer a solo sonata or duet, Piper will have you singing a tune of bliss in no time.

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Cheerful woman unwrapping present

3. Surprise your partner with a gift

Think you can’t give your partner the gift of touch from far away? That’s where you’re wrong. Be sure to carefully select their long-distance relationship gifts in the form of a sex toy, and make sure it’s something that the recipient wants rather than fulfilling your own pleasure. Their desires should always come first.

halftone lips Pick between an external vibrator, g-spot toy, masturbator sleeve, cock ring, or clitoral stimulator. This kind of purchase pays dividends for both of you and is so much more exciting than jewelry or a box of chocolates. A present like this in the mail shows that you prioritize their pleasure and that they’re on your mind.


Some stellar long distance sex toys include the elegant Le Wand Gee in rose gold, which has a stunning luxury aesthetic. Complete with a flexible, curved neck so you can hit that perfect spot inside and out, this vibrator is great for playing with partners in a long-distance relationship or for solo play when they’re missing you. It even has a travel lock so they won’t be embarrassed at the airport when they visit you.

Le Wand Gee

Le Wand Gee

Pinpoint pleasure anywhere with the Le Wand Gee, featuring a flexible neck design for fully controllable stimulation. Complete with travel lock, LED charging indicator, & discreet micro-suede travel pouch.

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For men, the Boundless grip open-ended stroker is a beginner-friendly sleeve that offers 70 minutes of delicious vibrations.

Boundless Grip Stroker

Boundless Grip Open-Ended Stroker

This rechargeable textured silicone stroker has more tricks up its sleeve than a seasoned magician. With 10 vibration functions to put you under its sensual spell, the Grip Stroker delivers 70 minutes of pulsating pleasure with an intensity you control.

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When you finally do meet up with your lover, these toys will bring a whole new sensation to partnered sex. Both brands ship discreetly, so they won’t worry about nosy neighbors or roommates.

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