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View From The Top: Using Sex Toys to Strengthen Your Relationship

18 Feb 2024

Let’s be honest: achieving simultaneous orgasms during sex isn’t exactly common. There’s no shame in that—in fact, due to a little something called the “pleasure gap,” a lot of women don’t even orgasm at all during sex. Luckily, sex toys can help people achieve or improve orgasms. Sex toys for men can also strengthen relationships and assist in experimentation.

Although some people believe that their partner playing with toys means they’re not “good enough” in bed, using intimacy devices is just another way for couples to explore new forms of pleasure and add an aspect of novelty to the experience. After all, toys provide a different sensation to human stimulation, and one isn’t meant to replace the other. Here are all the ways adult sex toys can help maintain the spark and strengthen your connection.

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Playing with yourself…together

Getting each other off isn’t the only way to enjoy each other. Getting yourself off in front of a partner can be pretty hot as well. Rather than making solo play something you do in secret away from your partner, break down those taboos around masturbation by incorporating it into mutual masturbation. When touching yourself, pleasure doesn’t just have to be provided by fingers and hands. Instead, get a little extra help from the best sex toys on the market. For men, a stroker cup (there are manual, disposable, and automatic masturbators) can help provide added texture, grip, and suction. There are all kinds, from transparent sleeves to sophisticated ones and even realistic masturbators that simulate genitals and add some spice to a monogamous relationship.

There’s no shortage of toys for women, including vibrators, dildos, and air-pulse devices that can simulate oral sex. When choosing a vibrator, consider the type of sensation you like. Do you prefer something broader with a large handle? In that case, a wand might be best. Bullets are ideal if you prefer something smaller and they offer pinpoint stimulation. Toys like G-spot massagers and rabbit vibrators can offer a blended orgasm, pleasuring the clitoris while penetrating. Finally, air-pulse vibes offer a sucking feeling or a pressure similar to water pulsing on the genitals.

Using these toys while watching porn together is another way to experiment in monogamous relationships. Pornography can help you discover new positions or scenarios you want to try, such as role-play. It can act as another tool to open up conversations. Mutual exploration can boost intimacy while helping you discover new things you enjoy.

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Using toys to enhance foreplay and a healthier sex routine

Using sex toys for couples can help you enhance both sex and foreplay. It’s something new and exciting to look forward to. Variety and communication are both key to leading a fulfilling sex life. Using both sex toys for men and sex toys for women in your relationship can heighten arousal and lead to a more satisfying experience for both of you. Instead of dreading sex or seeing it as another obligation to check off your list, you can turn it into a more positive routine that encourages intimacy and exploration.

Finger vibrators are one of the most organic ways to start if you feel nervous about using something that can’t naturally be incorporated into your playtime. Some finger vibes can be slipped between the fingers to stimulate a partner, while others are attached to a ring, acting as a natural extension of your hand. These toys can be used to massage the clit, vulva, or nipples.

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If toys still sound scary to you, an accessory like a sex wedge can help you try new positions and bring completely new sensations into your playtime, like deeper penetration and G-spot access.

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    Explore thrill with a safe form of risk

    New experiences can be thrilling, so introduce some risk into your relationship occasionally. As terrifying as the thought of being caught is, it’s also extremely erotic. Sneaking away at a party or a restroom at a swanky bar or restaurant can make things exciting. A sexy make-out session somewhere public can help you gauge your comfort level.

    OUCH! Halo Universal Cuffs

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    If that sounds a little too exposed for your liking (or you’re afraid of getting a public indecency record), up the privacy a little by booking a hotel room for a night or getting frisky in your car. You can even play with exhibitionism at home by leaving the blinds open or fooling around on a balcony or backyard.

    Additionally, the new, high-tech world of remote vibrators allows your partner to tease you and control your pleasure in public without anyone suspecting a thing. Toys like wearable panty vibrators or cock rings can be worn out to parties, bars, concerts, or restaurants for a subtle take on public play.

    A conversation is a must when introducing risk to your relationship. Have a discussion where you communicate boundaries to see what both parties are comfortable with or turned on by, and never coerce your partner into something they don’t want to do.

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    Pretend to be someone else for the night

    Playing dress up and enacting role-play scenarios in the bedroom can be a great way to complement using sex toys for couples. As much as we love our partners,  keeping things fresh in a long-term relationship can be hard over time. To maintain that attraction and desire, explore role-play scenarios and flex those acting skills. This can be as simple as putting on a wig or some other costume with accessories to enhance your fantasy.

    Do you want to pretend you’re strangers meeting for a one-night stand? Or perhaps one of you has always had a secret desire to get intimate with someone in uniform, like a nurse, firefighter, or police officer. Even dressing up in lingerie can be a daring way to try new things and reignite passion.

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    Mapale Nude Heart Teddy

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    The takeaway

    Including new sex toys and other elements in your romantic life can be intimidating, but doing so can help you nurture your relationship like never before. Whether it’s investing in a new toy or accessory or experimenting with role play, revving things up in the bedroom can have a lot of benefits and bring things to the next level. Remember: these are just tools that can strengthen your relationship. They absolutely won’t replace you—in fact, they’ll do the opposite, bringing you closer to your partner than ever before.

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